Differences Between No Download and Download Casino Games

Differences Between No Download and Download Casino Games

For Canadian online casino players there are two ways of playing casino games, download or no download also known as instant play.

The no download version is also referred to as Flash at some online casinos.

Download Casino Games

Many players consider download casinos to be a better option as the graphics and sound are often a much better quality and a more stable gaming option compared to the instant play.  With the download version of a game the game is stored on the player’s computer and responds quicker allowing for a smoother gaming experience.

The download versions generally have a wider selection of games and are suitable for players who have a good, stable internet connection with a good amount of storage space.

A disadvantage of download casino games is that they often take up quite a bit of space on a hard drive.

Instant Play Casino Games

Instant play is offered by many online casinos and is the no download option of a game.  These versions are usually powered by Flash and can be played using a browser.

To play instant play games players will need to have Flash installed on their computer allowing the game to be instantly downloaded.

This option is simple and fast and requires no downloading which also minimises the risk of picking up viruses.

The main advantage of no downloading is that if players are not happy with the casino they do not need to go through the process of uninstalling the software.  Players can save space on their hard drive which also makes a system work much faster.

Players will also have the option to play casino games anytime and can enjoy casino games anywhere as they will not need to download any applications or software.

Many of the more popular software providers such as NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming are moving towards instant play games.

Which Option is Better?

Canadian casino players will each have their preferred option as the choice will depend on each individual player.  The amount of online casinos are growing constantly and players will need to know where to play and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The option of downloading each and every online casino does place a strain on a system which means that the instant play version will allow players a quick look at a casino and the games they offer.  Canadian players who are looking for flexibility will prefer instant play offering ease and convenience.

When online casino gaming was still in its early stages instant play casinos were not popular and developers spent their time trying to deliver high quality casino games using the download option.

With the way technology is changing and more players are now looking for convenience and accessibility, software developers are now concentrating more on instant play.

A good example of high quality instant play casino games is NetEnt which provides excellent games with high definition graphics and good quality sound that can match any downloadable game.

Instant play casino games seem to be more popular because they are quick and easy and require no downloading and many games are also now available in instant play that may have only been available as a download.

The choice is ultimately up to each player to choose the one that suits their individual preference. Fore more online casinos and online slots Canada tips and strategies, browse our content online today.