Evolution Adds Perfect Pairs and 21+3 to Live Platform

Evolution Adds Perfect Pairs And 21+3 To Live Platform

In latest online casino news; live casino company Evolution adds perfect pairs and 21+3 to live platforms. Evolution Gaming has long been seen as the spearhead of live casinos for over a decade, with the company providing feeds to many of the most prestigious online casinos in the world including William Hill and Paddy Power.

The live casino scene, meanwhile, has been growing at an astonishing rate, with the demand for more live casino services so high that new broadcasting studios are currently in the works. The two new betting options, however, Perfect Pairs and 21+3, are what currently have the internet in a buzz. For those who don’t know, Perfect Pairs and 21+3 are betting options for the game of blackjack. They don’t change the core game rules in any way, but what they do allow is for an added level of strategy that greatly increases the interactivity of blackjack as a live game. In short; the live feeds of blackjack offered by Evolution Gaming just got a whole lot more interesting. Let’s take a closer at the betting options in this brief overview of the Evolution adds perfect pairs and 21+3 to live platform headline.

Perfect Pairs

First in our overview of the Evolution adds perfect pairs and 21+3 to live platform headline, we’ll explore the Perfect Pairs bet. This betting option revolves around players placing bets on which two cards will make up a blackjack hand. First, keep in mind that these rules apply to games using a certain number of decks for the game, namely six. Evolution Gaming, of course, only streams six deck games, so this goes without saying.

A Perfect Pair bet may be placed on if the bet maker thinks the hand is going to be mixed colour pair, one red, and one black. It is a straightforward bet and a relatively easy one to achieve, and the payout is likewise a modest 5 to 1. Another option would be to bet on a same colour pair of red, but with the cards being different suits. Or the well paying betting option of 30 to 1, a perfect pair, which is the same colour and the same suit. These betting options will be available on Evolution Gaming live streams now, and may be placed before each hand gets started.

21+3 Betting Option

Next in our overview of the Evolution adds perfect pairs and 21+3 to live platform headline, we’ll take a look at the 21+3 betting option. The 21+3 betting option is perhaps a bit more obscure then the Perfect Pairs option, with a lot less to do with the actual game of blackjack. It involves placing a bet on the player’s two cards, plus the dealer’s single showing card, upon the time of the initial deal being made. If these three cards form a straight, flush, straight flush, or three of a kind, the player wins the bet. Its’ as simple as that. This betting option is now also available for Evolution Gaming streamed blackjack, with the bet option given prior to cards being dealt.