Evolution Hooks Up with Italian Casino for In-House Studio

Evolution Hooks Up With Italian Casino For In-House Studio

Evolution Hooks Up with Italian Casino for In-House Studio. There is no doubt that live casinos are increasing in popularity, so much so that many are already suggesting that it is the inevitable future of all online casinos. Whether you agree or not, currently live casinos are seen as the next big thing, and the speed at which they are developing is impressive to say the least.

Evolution Studios, known to be the pioneers of live casino technology, are making great strides across the world as they desperately attempt to keep up with increasing demand. The online casino headlines recently read; Evolution Hooks Up with Italian Casino for In-House Studio, which marked yet another dramatic leap forward for the live casino industry. Let’s take a closer look at this headline and investigate some of the finer details of the occurrence.

Strictly A Business Deal

The first thing to keep in mind when considering the headline; Evolution Hooks Up with Italian Casino for In-House Studio, is that this is not the first such deal of its kind. Evolution recently struck a similar deal in Spain, providing live casino broadcasts that are presented in Spanish to local customers. The major difference between the two deals, however, and the primary reason for Evolution choosing Italy, is the gambling restrictions of the individual countries.

In Spain Evolution was required to set up their broadcasting studio in a licensed area, since laws in the country demand that all business activities related to gambling be in a designated zone. In Italy no such laws are in place, meaning way less red tape, and consequently that Evolution could set up a studio pretty much anywhere they pleased. They chose the Casino Campione d’Italia, who were more then happy to accommodate them. This means, of course, that live casino broadcasts are now available in Italian for local customers, or any Italian speaking players around the world.

Live Casino Future

The Evolution Hooks Up with Italian Casino for In-House Studio headline indicates a few things for the future of live casinos, all of them positive. Consider the cost of setting up a broadcasting studio. Not just the initial cost, but the running cost. It is not a cheap endeavour, and that Evolution is willing to keep making such vast investments can only mean that live casinos are set to keep expanding at a phenomenal rate.

There is already talk of more studios being setup in other parts of the world, and this seems to indicate that the future is all but set in stone; online casinos are almost certainly all going to be live. Yes, some parts of the world do not yet have the internet infrastructure to support live casinos, but this will surely change given enough time, meaning that live casinos will soon appear across the globe. If you want to access a live casino now, even if there is not a broadcast studio in your country, simply search your favourite online casino and look for the option. Live casinos are accessible from everywhere, but stream stability may not be perfect, depending on your current location.