Have a Look at Online Slots with a Pirate Theme

Have a Look at Online Slots with a Pirate Theme

A Pirate theme for slots games has been one of the most popular with all the leading games developers for years, and each of the developers have devised some exciting games with interesting story lines, some realistic or cartoon style graphics, and above all some really money making bonus games and features. A map leading to buried treasure is among everyone’s favourite stories, whether it is on board other ships or buried on some desert island. Everyone also has a story from their childhood about some swashbuckling pirate, and sailing ships on the oceans flying the Jolly Roger.

Online slots with a Pirate theme make up a good percentage of the top slots game around. There are serious slots games and humorous ones, and all of them can be played for free at most online casinos, until you are confident enough to wager real money.

Captain Jackpot Ahoy

Captain Jackpot is one of the online slots with a Pirate theme, that most players enjoy. Loosely based on the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Barcrest has devised a great slots game that features Captain Jackpot in his search to find the Treasure Maps and ultimately unearth the buried treasure. This slot game gives you a chance to do a little pillaging and plundering of other ships as well, which will increase your own treasure trove, and will give you a chance to win the Jackpot.

Treasure Island

In this slot game by Amaya there is the chance to enjoy the Pirate Ship of fables, the Hispaniola. On this ship are the pirates of legend, Jack Hawkins, Long John silver and Captain Flint, and you will be sailing towards Treasure Island. There are plenty of bonuses, including the Stacked Wild treasure chests, and Scattered Compasses, with many other bonuses. There is even a bonus round called Pirate Attack, in which cannonballs will be fired on to the reels, and profitable bonuses called Island Hop and the Treasure hunt bonus, as your search reaches its end.

Pirate Plunder

There is another Amaya creation in the online slots with a pirate theme, and that is called Pirate Plunder. Again there is Pirate Treasure that has to be found with the aid of a treasure map. There is also the chance to find other items in the story, as well as other characters in the game at online casino NZ sites. The money making bonuses in this game are the Pirate Ship bonus and the Treasure Map bonus.

Lucky Pirate

This is one of the online slots with a Pirate theme that comes from Viaden Gaming. If you are a lucky pirate you will enjoy a wide variety of pirate weapons, like pistols and a pair of cutlasses. The crew of this pirate ship can help you win plenty of prizes and bonuses for pillaging maps and treasure chests, as well as commandeering other pirate ships.

These are just a few among the online slots with a pirate theme that are available, with Microgaming’s Pirates Paradise, as well as Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest by IGT being great games and players’ favourites as well.

Online slots with a pirate theme give players all the thrill of an adventure on the high seas, plus the opportunity to earn plenty of treasure.